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Perth Rug Wash Offers High-End Rug Cleaning Services near Mosman Park

Professional rug cleaning is much better for your carpet than trying to do it yourself. Our rug cleaning services near Mosman Park are proof of that. Along with external extraction, we offer an array of rug wash services that utilise science, art and experience to achieve the safest and best cleaning for your rugs and tapestries. Some popular services also include rug dry cleaning, spot cleaning, urine decontamination and rug restoration and repair.

Our unmatchable experience means that when you need rug dry cleaning near Mosman Park, we are the best company for the job!

Experienced Rug Cleaners near Mosman Park

A professional rug cleaner offers services that many just cannot provide for themselves at home. Some of our personalised services include:

  • Spot Cleaning and Stain Removal
  • Urine Decontamination
  • Grey Water and Flood Remediation
  • Moth, Silverfish, Carpet Beetle and Additional Insect Repellent
  • Soil Stain Guard Treatment
  • Rug Restoration, Repair and Conservation

Our rug cleaners near Mosman Park will individually assess and treat your rug. We also offer pick-up and drop-off services, so that you do not have to worry about damaging your carpet on the way to or from our location.

Trusted Rug Cleaning near Mosman Park

Utilising a mixture of art, experience and science, our rug cleaning experts at Perth Rug Wash understand what it takes to properly clean rugs of all types. No one rug is made the same, and each should be treated like the splendid piece of art it is.

Whether you spill a drink on an antique heirloom, find muddy footprints on your wool area rug or simply believe that your rug is due for some much-needed TLC, we offer rug cleaning near Mosman Park that caters to your rug's specific needs. While many rug owners do attempt to clean their rugs themselves, we encourage you to think of your rug's health before trying to do so.

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OPEN 9:00am - 5:00pm Mon - Fri
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Regular maintenance, including vacuuming, rotation, periodic washing and timely repair of wear and tear guarantees the beauty and longevity of your valuable rugs.


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