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Spot and Stain Removal

Marks that remain after thorough washing can require expert treatment to improve without damaging the colours and fibres of the rug. Our trained technicians can improve or remove many difficult to budge spots. find out more

Urine decontamination

Our urine decontamination treatment guarantees complete sanitization and decontamination of odour causing urine, faeces and other organic deposits. find out more

Grey water and flood remediation

Perth rug wash can treat the effects of extended submersion that include mould and mildew, rot, cellulosic browning and heavy soiling. find out more

Moth, silverfish, carpet beetle, insect repellent

Our wash in repellent is odourless, non-toxic and effective in repelling pests that can damage rugs that are prone to damage while under furniture, hung on walls or in storage. find out more



Perth Rug Wash Has Experienced Rug Cleaners near the Floreat Area

For most of us, the extent to which we clean our rugs is a simple run through with a vacuum or perhaps a bit of cleaning solution if a pet has an accident. What many may not know is that while these cleaning methods are great for removing more .

Why Use the Professional Rug Cleaners near Mosman Park

At Perth Rug Wash, we equate rugs to precious jewellery, fine art and luxury vehicles. As pieces of fine art themselves, rugs should be treated with the same quality of care and attention to detail as a diamond ring, Monet or Ferrari more .

Perth Rug Wash: The Professional Rug Cleaners near Mount Lawley

Have you purchased an expensive rug as a centrepiece for your home? Are you unsure of how to properly clean it? Perth Rug Wash, experienced rug cleaners near Mount Lawley, can ensure that your investment is protected and cared for properly more .

We Offer Experienced, Professional Rug Cleaning near Floreat

The history of the rug goes as far back as humans can remember. The first rugs were animal pelts, and historians have found distinct types of rugs in areas as far afield as Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The result is a diverse set of rugs more .

Trusted Rug Cleaning near Mosman Park

Your rug is a fine piece of art and should be treated as such. Whether you have a Tibetan masterpiece covering your floor or an antique Turkish tapestry adorning your wall, the last thing you want is for dust to collect and dull the vibrant threads more .

Perth Rug Wash: Professional Rug Cleaning near Mount Lawley

A fine Persian silk rug can be a gorgeous focus piece in your home. With intricate patterns and hand knotting, silk Persian rugs are stunningly beautiful. With that incredible beauty comes the need for specialised cleaning. Such a piece more .

Perth Rug Wash Offers High-End Rug Cleaning Services near Mosman Park

External extraction is a deep rug cleaning method utilised by high-end rug cleaners and manufacturers. While we recommend light and interim cleaning to maintain your rug's integrity throughout the year, external extraction is one of more .

Perth Rug Wash's Rug Cleaning Services near Mount Lawley Offer Full Service Rug Care

If you find the idea of getting your antique Persian rug washed rather intimidating, you're not alone. The professionals at Perth Rug Wash, however, can put your mind at ease. With 20 years of experience in the industry, we have a wealth more .

We Offer Comprehensive Rug Cleaning Services in Perth

Rugs are ubiquitous in human history. We often think of cave dwellers using the pelts of their game as rugs in their cave homes. You may have a rug in your home which sees constant traffic in your day to day life. For as long as they've been more .

Perth Rug Wash Offers Rug Dry Cleaning near Mosman Park

Dry cleaning is one of the most popular rug cleaning methods because virtually no water is used in the process. At Perth Rug Wash, we offer rug dry cleaning near Mosman Park for rug owners who do not want the colours of their valuable rugs and more .

For Rug Dry Cleaning near Mount Lawley, Trust Perth Rug Wash

Your hand-knotted Persian rug may look clean, but how clean is it really? When it comes to caring for the high-end rugs in your home, it's important to know that they hide dirt quite easily. This may not seem significant, but hidden dirt is one of more .

Get Your Rug Premium Dry Cleaning with Perth Rug Wash

If you have a Persian or Oriental rug in your home, you can extend their value and beauty through professional dry cleaning. These treasures are lovely in any home, but they also require special attention. As dirt accumulates in your rug more .

Professional Rug Wash near Floreat Offers Tips on How to Find the Best Vacuum for Your Rug

If you are like us and love your rugs, you want to ensure that they are well cared for and maintained. Many people do not consider how their vacuum cleaning might affect their new and antique rugs, but at Perth Rug Wash, we do. Our experts more .

The Best Rug Wash You Can Get near Mount Lawley

Sometimes we're unable to appreciate the finer things if they're right under our nose. In the case of rugs, their more delicate qualities are right under our feet. Rugs are diverse in material, colour and design and are amongst the oldest kinds of more .

Rug Wash near Swanbourne for Antique, Heirloom Rugs

Persian rugs date back to around 500 B.C., around the time of Cyrus the Great. Iranian weavers perfected the art of rug making, reaching a level of artistry that is stunning even today. Artisans used two types of knots to make these fine rugs more .

Trust Perth Rug Wash for a Convenient Rug Cleaning Service in Perth

Rugs are often precious, valuable possessions—worth thousands of dollars and dating back years upon years or generations. Unfortunately, getting these delicate, artful heirlooms cleaned is not always easy. From finding a rug cleaning service in more.

Protect Your Valuable Rugs with Our Professional Rug Wash near Applecross

Many people love the ornate and timeless look of oriental rugs. Because of their unique beauty and their value, it is important for those who own rugs—or who are looking to purchase one—be aware of what they can do to protect their investment for more.

Rug Wash and Cleaning near City Beach

Everyone knows that vacuuming and cleaning spills up quickly can help your valuable rugs look better and last longer. Most people are also aware of the damaging effects of the sun on the dyes in a rug. Fading may be inevitable in some more.

Rug Wash and Cleaning Services Near Como

Pet owners know that accidents happen. They also know that some accidents are worse than others. When a pet relieves itself on a treasured rug, you may not know what to do. There are some important steps you can take to minimise the damage, and more.

A Rug Wash near Cottesloe You Can Trust for Your Antique Rugs

While the best way to keep your antique rug looking its best is protecting it from getting dirty in the first place, it's a fact that accidents sometimes can and do occur. You may try to remove your shoes and encourage any guests to as well when more.

The Quality Service Perth Rug Wash Provides Peppermint Grove Residents

When you furnish a room with a quality rug, you are hoping that it will beautify your space for many years to come. While well-made rugs can last for decades, and even centuries, it is up to you to do your best to protect them and clean them more.

Get Rug Cleaning Services Tailored to Suit Your Rug in South Perth

For those who don't know much about rugs, they might as well all be the same. However, rugs are not ‘one size fits all.' On the contrary, different rugs are crafted from various materials and using several techniques. From hand knotted rugs more.

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