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A Rug Wash near Cottesloe You Can Trust for Your Antique Rugs

While the best way to keep your antique rug looking its best is protecting it from getting dirty in the first place, it's a fact that accidents sometimes can and do occur. You may try to remove your shoes and encourage any guests to as well when entering the home, or insist keeping food and liquid items away from the rug, yet try as you may it's inevitable that at some point your rug may need to be professionally washed. If you are looking for rug cleaning services near Cottesloe, you should enquire with Perth Rug Wash to find out how our professional technicians can individually treat, clean, and restore the look of your antique rug.

Special Considerations for Antique Rugs

The unique styles and history behind antique rugs, particularly Persian and Turkish rugs, has given them much appeal among modern day collectors and homeowners looking for a classic and timeless piece of home furnishing. It is not uncommon today to come across vintage rugs that are at least 70 years old, while you can also find truly antique pieces of over a hundred or more years. Those in exceptional condition tend to fetch high prices and may be considered valuable heirloom items.

All rugs are susceptible to damage due to soiling, but this applies especially to antique or hand-made rugs. Because antique rugs use a variety of natural materials, including silk or wool, it is important to tailor the care of your rug based on how it was made. Natural materials tend to be delicate and require specific cleaning methods to maintain their look over time.

While some older wool rugs are naturally stain-resistant due to the lanolin content in the fibres, if stains are allowed to soak in they may become harder to remove. To protect your valuable investment, we advise you never to rely on 'home remedies' to treat spots or stains. Instead, it is well worth it to consider the available professional options for rug cleaning near Cottesloe, including Perth Rug Wash.

Reasons You Can Trust Our Professionals for Rug Cleaning near Cottesloe

Perth Rug Wash knows how to care for your rugs. We have 20 years of industry experience in cleaning and treating a wide variety of rugs, from antique Persian rugs to Tibetan wool rugs. We realise that no two rugs are the same, so we take whatever approach is necessary. When you trust us for your rug wash in the Cottesloe area, you can be sure we will take the utmost care of your rug and treat it as though it were our own.

You can either drop off your rug at our washing plant in Shenton Park or allow us to return your rug back to you in its fully cleaned and restored condition. When you trust your valuable antique rugs to us at Perth Rug Wash, you can be sure that our quality rug cleaning services for Cottesloe residents will exceed your expectations every time.

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Regular maintenance, including vacuuming, rotation, periodic washing and timely repair of wear and tear guarantees the beauty and longevity of your valuable rugs.


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